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AirPods HandSet VS Honor Flypods HandSet


AirPods HandSet and Honor Flypods HandSet all use elliptical charging boxes, magnetic open caps and ergonomic headphone chambers. In detail, there are still some differences between the two. First, color matching. FlyPods series have blue, red and white, while AirPods HandSet only have white. Secondly, the FlyPods series headphone handle is swan-neck design, which can be worn more firmly, while AirPods HandSet is a cylinder. In additional, the FlyPods series is even better when the headphones are taken out more easily, while the AirPods HandSet take out after a turn to wear. FlyPods can stand and have a power indicator. This is where the FlyPods are blue. In design, FlyPods is compact, portable and comfortable to wear. But because it looks too much like AirPods, it loses a certain degree of recognition, so the glory design strategy is to sacrifice a certain degree of recognition in exchange for a more comfortable wearing experience.


Touch Interaction: FlyPods Pro is much more compatible with Android

Real wireless headphones are too small, if you want to do some interaction, touch interaction must be done, and the functions are: pause/play, up/down, voice assistant, answer the phone, etc. On the double-click call-out voice assistant, the two earphones have different performance on different mobile phones: AirPods HandSet can only call Siri, FlyPods series can call Siri and other Android phone voice assistants.

Voice Interaction: FlyPods Pro’s Bone Voice Recognition

The SIRI of the iPhone can make calls, send text messages, call out APPs, etc., while the Android phone we take Glory Magic 2 as an example, these basic functions can also be achieved. The biggest exclusive highlight of FlyPods Pro is bone voiceprint recognition. The functions that can be done at present are: voice unlocking cell phone, voice to Alipay / WeChat payment code, and all through recognition of the owner’s voiceprint.aa This is FlyPods Pro’s greatest victory over AirPods HandSet. According to the online stories during this period, many people said that the second generation of AirPods would add the function of “Hey Siri”. Although the truth of the news is unknown, it reflects consumers’urgent desire for voice control.

Sound Quality & Delay: Both sound quality and delay perform well

After comparing the appearance and interaction, the sound quality, stability and delay of the two headphones are not very different, they are all at a better level. In terms of sound quality, there is little difference between the two, which basically belongs to the level of three-frequency equalization. Because there is no bass unit, the low-frequency part is not prominent and the sound is relatively flat. Compared with Bose Sound Sport’s bass-focused headphones, the low-frequency part will feel deficient, but compared with a large number of SBC Bluetooth headphones, the sound quality is much better. AirPods HandSet transmits audio in AAC format, while FlyPods Pro is the HWA protocol (HWA standard, a standard based on LHDC encoding and decoding, refers to the transmission of audio files up to Hi-Res level through existing Bluetooth). As far as the sound quality is concerned, the two headphones are not very different and belong to the first echelon level of true wireless headphones. In terms of stability, both of them perform very well. They are basically not continuous. Delay control is also excellent. You can hardly see the delay when watching video, and you can cope with it when playing games.

Duration & Charging: Duration and Charging have their own advantages


FlyPods Pro charges for 15 minutes, can charge 50%, listens to music for 1 and a half hours, calls for 1 hour and 15 minutes, and lasts for 17 hours, while FlyPods for 20 hours. AirPods charges for 15 minutes, can use for 3 hours, and lasts for 5 hours in a single trip. The performance of both of them is very good, and the experience is basically remembered. It’s enough to charge the headphones. With open-box self-matching, AirPods HandSet pop-up animation will show the headphone power and the charging box power. FlyPods Pro will support this function in later system updates, and the box already has four power displays, so you don’t have to worry about the headphones suddenly losing power. As for charging, AirPods HandSet supports wired charging of Lightning interface and FlyPods Pro supports wired charging plus wireless charging of Type-C interface. Therefore, in the battle between the two aspects of renewal and charging, AirPods HandSet and FlyPods Pro are in the next city respectively, and the duration of the battle belongs to the better level on the market. In terms of waterproofing, AirPods does not support waterproofing, while FlyPods Pro supports IP54 level waterproofing, which is useful when you go out in rainy days or when you brush your teeth and wash your face. I hope the second generation of AirPods can achieve waterproofing. AirPods HandSet Price:$159,Honor FlyPods Pro Price:$143. My suggestion:If you use Magic 2/Huawei Mate 20,FlyPods Pro is preferred because it can voice control/bone voiceprint; If you use iPhone,choose AirPods HandSet. AirPods new patent: left and right earplugs interchangeable, built-in biometric sensors for health tracking

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