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Best Digital Outdoor’s Equipments 2018

Now with the improvement of living standards, more and more people begin to have the energy and time to try outdoor sports, three or five groups, go out together, sweat with little sister and little brother! Here’s how to introduce the five most popular digital outdoor sports equipment in 2018. It can not only escort your outdoor sports, but also make your outdoor sports interesting. WOLFANG Bluetooth HeadsetWOLFANG Bluetooth headset is the first in the industry to put forward the concept of “sound-to-price ratio”. Their concept is different from that of most manufacturers. In order to attract users, general manufacturers make articles on appearance and price to attract users. But WOLFANG team insists on quality and experience first. They say that only by doing well in conscience can they conquer everyone. Ears.

WOLFANG Bluetooth headset

WOLFANG has been ridiculed as “ugly” because of its light appearance and stress on sound quality. It is proud of this. It has held many creative activities with the theme of “ugly”, such as fierce discounts for ugly people, rent deduction for ugly people, ugly art exhibitions and other events, which have become very popular online. Champion Wheel Kit Generator What do you fear most when you go out? Apart from no signal, I’m afraid that the digital equipment is out of power. Champion Wheel Kit generators can just solve this problem. Especially cycling, as long as you ride a bicycle, it can generate electricity, and the volume is very small, installed on the wheels is not a hindrance. Not only can power be transmitted at the same time, but also can be stored through batteries to supply power for mobile phones, GPS and other digital products in the process of riding. In order to ensure the safety of outdoor sports, Champion Wheel Kit also has the functions of lighting and warning lights: the front uses a bright LED light bulb design, which can illuminate the road ahead on the wheels; the rear uses a flashing warning light design, which can remind the rear car to pay attention to safety, and the safety index is very high.

Champion Wheel Kit generators

Stanley LED Super Bright Fashlight Whether outdoor or indoor, equipped with an emergency flashlight, can be said to be a necessity for every family, need to spend the night outdoor activities, is indispensable. This Stanley LED super bright flashlight is manufactured by American professional hardware. It is strong and durable. It is also light and waterproof. It doesn’t need to worry about sudden rains and extinguishing. Even in some extreme environments, this product can be used at temperatures ranging from minus 20 degrees Celsius to 50 degrees Celsius. It is very practical. Bring a powerful flashlight is a necessary choice for outdoor sports. It must be remembered.

Stanley LED super bright flashlight

GoPro Hero Camera Every outdoor sports enthusiast is a good amateur photographer. Leave a wonderful moment for yourself, or fix a miracle of nature, you can also share your mood and travel with more people who have no chance to go out. Among all the current motion camera products, GoPro’s Helo 4 motion camera is recognized as the best. It supports 12 million pixels of photo shooting, 15 frames per second of 4K video and 60 frames per second of 1080P full-HD video shooting. It also has excellent low-light environment shooting performance. All products support Wi-Fi remote control operation, so that you can share and connect with your family outdoors anytime and anywhere.

GoPro's Helo 4

Radar In outdoor activities, because of the difference of environment and the ability of the members of the team, the distance is often widened when traveling. At this time, the heart-path radar can ensure the effective communication of information between people. After the application of cardiac radar is opened by mobile phone and connected with the intelligent hardware of cardiac radar through Bluetooth, the short message and location information on mobile phone can be converted into “UHF” radio wave, which can be received by colleagues to ensure that every member will not be left behind and lost. Moreover, the waterproof coefficient of the cardiac radar is first-class, and it is not worried about the use of harsh environment at all.

Garmin Forerunner 235, GPS Running Watch

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