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Four Preparations for Outdoor Sports

No1.Choosing the right equipment

A. Sleeping bags. The weight of sleeping bags depends on the climate. Because sleeping bags are used in tents and sleeping with clothes, sleeping bags of similar specifications are chosen. B. Tents. To build fast, windproof and rain-proof. C. Backpack. according to the time, the farther the distance, the longer the time, the larger the backpack volume should be, a professional entry-level backpacker backpack, at least 65-70 liters. D. Moisture-proof cushion. If the route is close to the mountains and lakes, moisture-proof cushion is necessary. E. kettle. There is no need to bring a large pot, drinking water rules and quantity, it is best to arrange according to actual needs. There is no need to prepare too much water. When passing through the town, it can be recharged.

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No2.Problems in Hiking

First of all, rest. Must ensure that there is enough rest time, not to consume excessive physical and energy every day; Secondly, food and water. Do not eat too much water or dry food, need to consider the physical needs scientifically; Third, excretion and personal hygiene. Finding the right place for excretion and grooming is a headache for backpackers. Personal experience shows that it is best to arrange regularly at noon every day and find the right place when crossing the town at noon. If you sleep in the open air, you’d better stay away from the water source; if you can find a mountain farmer to build a simple open-air toilet is better; Finally, environmental protection. If you don’t stay overnight in cities and towns, organic garbage, such as paper towels, food residues, can choose to bury in situ, insoluble garbage must be packed and taken away.

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No3.Plan the daily route and general road map

In the early morning of each day, the route to be completed on that day should be determined. The route should go through the nearby towns as far as possible in order to replenish food, medicines and other materials. In the evening, we should make preparations for camping or hotel stay in advance. If the weather permits camping, before dark, we should decide the rest place, inspect the surrounding environment, complete the evaluation of storm and flood outbreak coefficient, set up tents and put food in sealed plastic bags so as not to attract insects or other animals by odor. It’s better to sleep with your clothes instead of taking off your shoes.

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No4.Some Tips

1. Practice how to build a tent in 10 minutes without enough light. 2. Even if the coat has waterproof function, it is better to wear raincoat when setting up tents in rainy days. 3. Clothes must be packed in dry bags, including mobile phones and smart watches. 4. Prepare more dry food. Food is the hardest thing to get, even in the suburbs, snack shops may not open on rainy days. 5. Overnight equipment: nylon raincoat. Even if there is no rain, the ground is still very wet, when the tent is closed, you can put all the equipment on or inside the raincoat.

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