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GARMIN INSTINCT Smart watch:more professional, more reliable and more durable

In the field of sports smart watches, GARMIN is a powerful representative. Its products are highly praised for their functions and excellent stability for sports people. The GARMIN INSTINCT recommended by us is also a representative outdoor GPS smart watch with powerful positioning function, abundant sport mode and U.S. military regulation level protection capability. GARMIN INSTINCT has three colors: graphite ash, tundra white and flame red. Like most smart watches for outdoor groups, GARMIN INSTINCT uses many design elements of sports watches.


The grey-red design around the watch ring is full of industrial sense. The obvious protruding design can provide better screen protection and avoid collision leading to fragmentation. At the same time, the dial also makes a clear mark for the function of the button. The left side is the control, menu and ABC, while the right side is the GPS and setting the clock. Between the table circle and the screen, the same key position is marked by another circle. The left side is backlit, the previous page and the next page, and the right side is returned. This is because GARMIN INSTINCT uses long press and short press, long press corresponds to the function on the outer ring and short press corresponds to the function on the inside. The three keys on the left and two keys on the right of the watch are designed with regular texture, which can increase friction and make the point pressing more handy. Heart rate sensor module and charging shock can be seen on the back of the fuselage. The module is slightly raised to ensure the accuracy and stability of measurement, but it is almost imperceptible when worn. On the charging side, GARMIN INSTINCT has a clear feedback when it is inserted, and the connection is more stable. On the strap side, GARMIN INSTINCT strap feels dry and comfortable. Super large opening can play a very good role in cooling and preventing sweat accumulation. It also matches the design of double buckle ring to make the watch more stable to wear. In terms of hardware parameters, the size of GARMIN INSTINCT fuselage is 45 45 15.3 mm, equipped with a 128 128 resolution semi-reflective and semi-transparent black-and-white screen. In terms of practicability, the characters and icons displayed are relatively clear; in terms of positioning system, GARMIN INSTINCT supports GPS, GLONASS, Beidou and GALILEO satellite systems, and has built-in barometers, altimeters, electronic compasses, thermometers, accelerometers, Bluetooth and ANT+; in terms of navigation, GARMIN INSTINCT can last up to 14 days in intelligent mode and 14 days in GPS mode. The duration of opening or closing heart rate monitoring is 14 hours and 15 hours respectively, and the endurance is excellent. In addition, the surface of GARMIN INSTINCT is made of fibre reinforced polymer material, which has a series of rigorous designs and meets the 810G level of U.S. military regulations, including 122 cm drop, 24-hour salt spraying, temperature testing and so on. It can also ensure stable tracking and navigation in extreme weather. At the same time, it also supports 10ATM level waterproof capability, in terms of protection performance can be described as strong. Most functions of GARMIN INSTINCT can be operated separately from the mobile phone. The main page of the watch displays the time, date, power and heart rate curves. Clicking on the previous page and the next page on the left side can view the heart rate curve, motion record, notification, activity, weather and last movement respectively. Clicking on the confirmation key on the right side of each page can enter the next menu. See more details. In addition to these conventional functions, Garmin also applies ABC technology to this product. The ABC function can be turned on by pressing the button in the lower left corner for a long time. At this time, the watch will display height, air pressure and compass simultaneously. Because of the support of the storm warning function, if the altitude remains unchanged and the pressure changes greatly, the watch will remind us of the arrival of bad weather. The GPS function can be activated by pressing the button in the upper right corner for a long time. After the positioning is completed, the user can save it as a navigation point. In the field environment, users can return to the designated route according to the set point, instead of relying solely on the compass.


In the aspect of sports record, GARMIN INSTINCT supports 20 kinds of sports record modes, such as cross-country running, cycling, swimming, mountain climbing, chemistry, rowing and so on, with its powerful hardware and excellent algorithm, to help you record more accurate data in all kinds of activities. On the mobile phone, users can view abundant data records with App, including intensity training time, single exercise record, heart rate, step number, floor number, pressure score, calories and so on. Among them, the single motion record also provides track record, pace, heart rate, altitude, and other data, and can be more intuitive in the form of charts, whether novice or sportsman can see at a glance, and get enough information. In addition, users can set up training plans, open mobile phone message alerts, participate in weekly step number challenges and so on. Simply put, both GARMIN INSTINCT and Garmin Vivofit Activity Tracker have distinct attributes of professional movement and exploration. In terms of appearance, GARMIN INSTINCT’s design style is quite in line with its professional and reliable product attributes. The use of semi-reflective and semi-transparent screens has brought lasting endurance, which can achieve a clearer effect in outdoor environment with lower power consumption. It is a very suitable design for use needs. In the dark environment, you can also manually turn on the backlight to view information. At the same time, with Canon’s accumulation over the years, GARMIN INSTINCT is also unique in positioning, setting points, ABC and other functions, which is quite attractive to professional users.The price is only $299.95.


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