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The Honor Bracelet 4 Running

The Honor Bracelet 4 Running uses a 0.5-inch OLED screen, which is not a touch screen, but is used to display information. All interactions are performed through a circular touch key at the bottom of the screen. In order to increase the integrity of the bracelet, improve the beauty of the bracelet. Moreover, compared with the magnetic absorption charging design, the clamp charging design can ensure that the bracelet is not easy to fall off during the charging process. The Honor Bracelet 4 Running provides an accessory fixed on shoes, the main sports partner, for testing various running information, providing comprehensive running data support and guidance, so that users can get more professional “running posture”. In the running posture mode, the Honor Bracelet 4 Running can realize 7 professional running posture data monitoring, including stride frequency, stride length, landing mode, swing angle, landing impact, touchdown time and valgus amplitude, so that each pair of running shoes can become intelligent running shoes. In additional, Honor Bracelet 4 Running has built-in six-axis sensor. Compared with the three-axis sensor which can only record the period and steps, the six-axis sensor can calculate the distance, length and angle more accurately. With the high-precision algorithm, it can calculate the object’s trajectory in space, making the running distance accuracy as high as 97%.

Honor Band 4 All-in-One Activity Tracker

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